TeeChart.NET is now .NET 5 compatible

This week, we announced that TeeChart.NET officially supports .NET 5.

TeeChart for NET5 is completely compatible with requirements of the framework and can be included in your NET5 projects from Nuget without need for any special steps.

TeeChart for NET5 Nuget Packages

TeeChart packages in Nuget Package Manager

Note that we have separated the assemblies across different Nugets for this release, to make the required download slimmer for your project.
Available Nugets can be found here:

TeeChart for WinForms
TeeChart for WPF
TeeChart Server

Features to note:

– Json serialization
– Use of ImageSharp in the TeeChart.Server.dll, as Microsoft’s own GDI+ is not recommended server-side [here]

– Performance improvements in WinForm, as FPS higher for the same code in tested FastLine examples
– Short Microsoft articles on .NET 5 vs. .NET Framework differences here and here.

Chart rendered in javascript, created by TeeChart for MVC Web in NET5
Chart rendered in Javascript,created by TeeChart for MVC Web in NET5

We welcome any feedback; feel free to post comments below, or use the Steema Support forum.