Small tool to create icons and png images for iOS and Android Firemonkey applications

Yet another tool to create the *.png images required by Firemonkey iOS and Android application splash images.

Download source code  (65KB, for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE4 up to XE7)

(Main *.pas unit is aprox 200 lines of code, easy to modify to suit your needs)

Currently this tool generates 42 images of different sizes:



The sample project uses an FMX 3D form containing a sample “logo”. This can be replaced to use a normal image instead. Using a 3D form might produce better output quality as texts and graphics are regenerated from vector data every time for each icon dimension, instead of stretching a single “big” bitmap.

The *.ico file for Windows projects is created containing a single image.
You can use Gimp or IcoFX to create a multiple ico file using the generated *.png images.

See this great article about creating multi-icon *.ico files for Windows applications from Simon Stuart’s


The *.icns file for Mac OSX applications is not created as it has several complex requeriments (a shell command line tool must be used in the Mac machine) explained here: