Using indicators to track your data

How TeeChart Charting Components can help you understand your data
Plug your data straight into TeeChart and select from more than 40 inbuilt indicators to analyse your financial, scientific or just about any other form of data. TeeChart presents a gallery of possible indicator types to you and asks what dataset you'd like to track ... the rest is automatic. If you have you own indicator definition that's ok too, TeeChart allows you to feed-in your definition to plot the result.
October 23, 2009

Improved Silverlight Support

TeeChart for .NET now offers full TeeChart.Silverlight.dll compatibility with Silverlight 3.0. Performance has increased at least by a factor of 2.0. Download the latest evaluation version of TeeChart for .NET to see examples with code of teeChart and Silverlight. TeeChart for .NET 2009 now adds support for WPF, Silverlight and Flex for Flash!
October 23, 2009

New TeeChart for PHP Chart component maintenance release !

A new TeeChart for PHP1.5 maintenance release is out, it includes a lot of new features and bug fixes. With this version you will be able to show your Chart in Flash / Flex format by using PHP code into the browser, allowing to add annotations and animations.
August 13, 2009
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