Description of Steema's subscription agreement


All Steema Licenses are perpetual licenses. Subscription relates to a packaging for support services. The subscription agreement has been introduced as a means to offer service improvements to our customers by allowing us to roll-out product improvements continuously without the need to 'park' them for a next major version upgrade. This allows a continuous evolution of products that we feel better serves our customers. All customers that participate in the subscription program have continuous access to support and all minor and major version updates.

In other respects there is no fundamental difference to the way that a Steema Developer License works. It continues to be perpetual. When you purchase a Developer License you have the right to continue using that license in development for as long as you wish to create your applications with it (Please check Steema's product license descriptions for specific license features).

New licenses for products that form part of the subscription program will only be available with one year subscription. After that period you have the choice whether to continue participating or not.

If you choose not to renew subscription at the end of the period then you may continue to use the software but will no longer to have access to new updates and support for it.

Subscriptions allow us to fund our development and support in the absence of the upgrade model. We hope you find that the subscription model is an amiable and effective way to improve productivity.

The subscription period

Is initially for 12 months, renewable annually. Steema will send out a reminder near the end of the subscription period offering you the option to renew.

The subscription offers

Technical support and access to all minor and major updates during the subscription period.

What if I don't want a subscription?

That's fine. A first license includes one year subscription anyway. Steema is not charging any additional amount for that. Please take advantage of the technical support and updates during that period. Afterwards there's no need for you to renew the subscription, please continue to use the Steema product as you require (within the terms of the license agreement of course). You won't have access to new updates or technical support but it is for you to take a measure of whether that is important to you.

How does subscription relate to Pro-support

Pro support offers priority respones to support queries. Steema commits to allocating higher priority resources to pro-support queries. Pro-support does not affect subscription agreements. Please see the support options page for more details of Pro-Support.

List summary of subscription agreement

  • Initial minimum period 12 months
  • Renewable annually (participation optional)
  • Includes access to all minor and major product updates
  • Includes access to managed support forums

Any questions

Please email us with any special questions you may have at