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The Chart component for Blazor offers a great generic component suite for a myriad of charting scenarios, targeting too, important vertical areas such as the financial, scientific and statistical worlds.


Interactive charts, maps and gauges for desktop and mobile environments.

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With over 25 yrs of charting development behind TeeChart, it's simply one of the most extensive charting libraries that you can lay your hands on.

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Blazor Charts

Interactive and customisable charts & graphs
TeeChart for Blazor offers Charts as live render types Javascript, SVG and static image formats including PNG and JPEG. Most widely used series types are available as the live, javascript format. The Chart for Blazor may be used with Framework 4 and NET5/NET6. Use the Blazor Chart component in WASM and Blazor Server projects. The product also includes the option to use TeeChart’s ES6 Javascript library exclusively as Razor Library Components.

Blazor Chart Control

Blazor Financial Charts

Financial Charts

High performance visualisations for your financial-based applications
The Blazor Chart component is packed with functionality to produce high-class financial charting applications. Includes over 50 financial and statistical indicators such as Moving Average Convergence/Divergence (MACD), Average True Range (ATR), Commodity Channel Index (CCI), Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger Bands, Standard Deviation and much more to visualize data in financial-based apps.

WASM, Blazor Server and Razor component libraries

Blazor WebAssembly and Blazor Server apps
The Blazor Chart library offers several ways to deliver your application. You can compile it as an autonomous WASM application or use it serverside, interacting TeeChart to server queries. If you choose to use the TeeChart Razor Component Library, based entirely on the TeeChart Javascript library, the application becomes very lightweight. TeeChart’s front-end charts, based on the TeeChart Javascript Library, are completely interactive and can be clientside enhanced without reliance on return trips to a server.

New and improved features

(Current build: 6.2023.8.31, Other Version history)

For Blazor, WebAssembly/WASM, ASP.NET, Framework4, NET5, NET6, NET7 and NET8.
60+ chart types and variations. From the commonly used Line, Bar, Area, Pie to those more “field-specific charts” such as Candlestick, Open-High-Low-Close, Kagi and Contour.
- Standard: Line (Strip), Bar, Area, Pie, Fast Line, Point (Scatter), Bubble, Arrow, Gantt, Shape, Horiz.Area, Horiz.Bar, Horiz.Line, Pointer style Hexagon
- Financial: Candle (OHLC), Darvas, Kagi, Renko, Point and Figure, Volume, EquiVolume
- Statistical: Box-Plot, Color Grid, Error, Error Bar, Error Point, Funnel (Pipeline), HighLow, Histogram, Volume Pipe, Waterfall, Horiz. BoxPlot, Horiz. Histogram, Violin, BeeSwarm, Horiz. Violin, Horiz. BeeSwarm
- Extended: 3D Vector, Bezier, Contour, Donut, IsoSurface, Map GIS, Organizational Chart, Polar, Polar Grid, Point 3D, Pyramid, Radar, Smith, Surface, TreeMap, Tri.Surface, Tower
- Other: Bar 3D, Bar-Join, Calendar, Clock, Image Bar, Image Point, My Point, TagCloud, Wind-Rose, BubbleCloud
Gauges series type and indicators (dynamic Gauges, Circular, Linear, Numeric, Knob or Combination). TeeChart's Gauges are completely configurable to give you full control of format, size, colour and shape for your dashboard application.
Provides library of map series with support for ESRI open standard map formats.
All chart series types may be rendered on the webpage as static images such as JPEG and PING or as a vectorial format, SVG that offers some animation enhancements. The following series types may be plotted as native Javascript, fully interactive, enhanceable with support for animations:
- Standard: Line (Strip), Bar, Area, Pie, Line, Point (Scatter), Bubble, Gantt, Horiz.Area, Horiz.Bar, Horiz.Line, Bullet and Spark.
- Financial: Candle (OHLC)
- Statistical: Color Grid, HighLow, Histogram
- Extended: Donut, Map GIS, Polar, Surface
- Other: Clock and Circular Gauge
50+ financial and statistical indicators including:
- Standard: Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide, Count, Average, High, Low, Median Function, Percent Change
- Financial: ADX, AC, Alligator, AO, ATR, Bollinger Bands, CCI, CLV, Compression OHLC, Exp. Average, Exp. moving average, Gator Oscillator, Kurtosis, MACD, Momentum, MomentumDiv, Money Flow, OBV, PVO, RSI, RVI, Slope, Smoothed Mov Avg, S.A.R Function
- Statistical: SPC Charts, Histograms, Skewness, Lagrange, Kernel-Density Estimator (KDE)
- Extended: Cross points, Correlation, Cumulative, Custom y=y(x), Exponential Trend, Fitting linearizable models, Performance, Perimeter, Polynomial fitting, Finding coefficients, Reducing number of points, DownSampling, RMS, Smoothing function, Std Deviation, Trendline, Variance
- Steema Numerics: Predictive and anomaly detection algorithm interface to ML.Net. See linkIn/numerics for more information.
You can easily create and/or connect to an existing database or dataset in your project.
Direct access to .NET data sources. Direct access to URL addressable Charts.
TeeChart includes a set of tools for static format exports:
Annotation, ExtraLegend, GridBand, ColorLine, ColorBand, LegendPalette.
And for dynamic formats: MarkTip, SeriesAnimation, Zoom, Scroll, DataTable, Scroller bar.
You can easily export charts as images (bitmap, metafile, JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF, PDF, SVG, EPS and native Chart format) and as data to Excel, XML, HTML, CSV (Text) and native Chart format. Builds and exports to Flash via Flex compiler. Stream export/import capability for BLOB storage and direct output to client (eg. browser).
TeeChart forms and string constants translated to 29 languages. The translation can be used at design-time and run-time.
Direct high-speed addition of Array data to the Chart making TeeChart for Blazor very quick! Very quick!
Use the Chart Editor to add and setup Multiple Axes or add them at runtime. Virtually unlimited Axes may be added and independently configured.
Javascript exported charts can be scrolled and zoomed using the mouse or by code at runtime. Zoom and scroll features can be customized using chart properties and events.
Includes 14 predefined themes enabling rapid change of many chart properties with a single mouse click.
Colour palette management, Transparency and anti-aliasing on all Chart object Pens, Brushes, Fonts and Gradients. Custom 3D Drawing Objects.
Tech support provided via Steema online Forums. Optional Professional-level technical support gives the subscriber a priority support link into Steema.
You may distribute your charts royalty-free for use in compiled desktop applications.
See the Software licensing contract to learn more about the use of TeeChart NET for Blazor license.
Compare features between the Business and Pro Editions via the Feature Comparison table.

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Perpetual License. Includes one year subscription



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One Year support and major version upgrade protection subscription renewal
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