Steema Software has more than 25 years experience working with data visualisation and reporting projects and is available to help bring your information objectives to life.

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Our team has wide experience across most desktop and mobile platforms, database design, web and system interconnectivity.

Why Steema?

Steema has extensive experience taking data to visualisation. Steema team members have worked with data and reporting projects in a variety of customer sectors.

We are here to help plan, design and implement projects to meet your needs. Projects might typically include some or all of these category types:

Steema can meet your needs combining its own products where applicable and bespoke code & tools from other suppliers where they best fit the intended objectives.
Data visualisation and reporting projects

Recent Projects:

Consorci Costa Brava
Chart water supply during the COVID-19 period
A comparative of water supply made by the Costa Brava Consortium, from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown to the same period from 2019. News item published here .

Geocisa UK Ltd
Consulting - Audit
Audit of the management and system, of hardware/software requirements of Geocisa SAI system.

Chart development
Chart design services for C# and Javascript.