Steema is pleased to announce the availability of the first release of the TeeChart Mono for Android Charting Library for Google's Android mobile platform.

TeeChart Mono for Android 2102The TeeChart Charting Library offers over 60 Chart styles, 40 mathematical functions and a full set of Chart tools components for additional functionality.
The .NET Mono Android Charting library is built using TeeChart .NET's C# code in Xamarin's Mono for Android IDE. Use your .NET C# code to create Charting applications for Android mobile devices!

The TeeChart Mono for Android 2012 license provides support for Google's mobile Android platform and includes one year subscription including all minor and major upgrades and technical support services. Optional 100% sourcecode will be available soon.

The TeeChart Charting Library for Android includes C# demo code that can be both used in Visual Studio or MonoDevelop either in Windows or Macintosh environments. The Chart Component for Android may be debugged online through Mono for Android framework using the emulator or by using the physical device directly.

A fully functional evaluation version may be accessed via this link to the NET evaluations download page.

For more information see TeeChart's Mobile pages.

Watch this web for more upcoming news of TeeChart's Chart for Mono, MonoTouch and Mono for Android.

August 13, 2012