Steema is pleased to announce the availability of the first official v2018 release of teeGrid for .NET.

In the time leading up to this release we have published several beta versions introducing many of the features and enhancements including NET Core 2 support and improved javascript visualisation via jsGrid. Review the release notes to see in detail the Version History of the product.

TeeGrid is a lightweight and fully featured data grid control for Visual Studio .Net developers. Its featureset include sorting, grouping or filtering grid data, resizable columns, master-detail view, draggable selections, grid scrolling.

TeeGrid is available as a NuGet package for use in ASP.Net Core projects; to access the download follow this link.

You will find many helpful examples code on Github beside a getting start guide and other references. We encourage you to visit the teeGrid for .NET Github repo to see its functionality in action.

Also, you may be interested in this newly added article on our blog about how to use TeeGrid.NET to connect to your data and some of the most important advantages it has over Visual Studio’s default grid.

As the rest of the products in Steema's portfolio, teeGrid for .NET license includes a renewable one-year subscription service that entitles customers to free updates and technical support. It is priced at US$139 and available for immediate purchase here.

For more information visit the product pages.

Please use the Steema Support forum to send us feedback.

May 24, 2018