The TeeChart for .NET Charting Suite will be available with installer for Visual Studio 2010 in early April to coincide with the launch of Microsoft's new IDE.

Steema is finalising the installation package for Visual Studio 2010. If you'd like to try it you can already drop the current version of TeeChart onto the RC VisStudio Tool palette but the task will be more straightforward and better integrated when the new installer is made available. Watch this space for details!

TeeChart for .NET 2009 has been extensively tested with pre-release versions of Visual Studio 2010 providing trouble-free interoperability whether using Framework 2, 3 or new Framework 4. Framework 4's Client Profile is not supported with the current release installer though Steema will publish a new no-additional-charge installer specifically for the new IDE in early April to coincide with Microsoft’s own release. The new installer will add support for Framework 4 Client Profile and the new MS Help Viewer 1.0 help format.

March 24, 2010