TeeChart for .NET HTML5 WebForm Charts

Now you can combine your server-side NET projects with client-side HTML5 Javascript, live at the browser. The latest TeeChart for .NET update, expected for release during the second week of August, includes WebForm designtime editable charts with rendering as live HTML5-Javascript browser-side charts. The charts are fully interactive and may be configured via C# code-behind at the server or browser-side directly on the webpage in Javascript.


The first update includes support for the following Series types:
Line, Point (scatter), Area, Bar, Pie, Bubble, Candle, Volume, HorizLine, HorizBar and Donut

and the next updates will extend support to:
Circular-Gauges; World-Maps; Polar, Gantt and ColorGrid Series

You can see some examples in the preview here (look under the ‘Interacting with Charts folder’):


August 08, 2014