Need to deliver your charting application to a wide field of platforms and devices? TeeChart fits well to differing device formats.

TeeChart Responsive ChartingTeeChart's best-fit sizing makes it easier to adapt your charting app to a variety of screen-sizes and device types.

See the full article for more information on TeeChart platform support.

Here's the current cross-platform matrix for TeeChart.

* Note both the matrix and the descriptions below are subject to the date of this announcement. Some TeeChart products have increased the number of supported platforms (ie TeeChart VCL/FMX supporting Android). Ask us for up to date info.

TeeChart platform support matrix   

The table shows how different versions of TeeChart reach different operating platforms.

Here you can focus on both cross-platform and cross-IDE because several different devices can be arrived at by using the same common sourcecode. You could even 'tweak' your code syntax and move to a different programming environment completely as TeeChart's internal model is virtually the same across different programming languages, making code easily portable. Without changes to core charting code though, here's a few examples of how common source can be used to reach different environments:

C# version of TeeChart
Using TeeChart C# version in Microsoft's VS.NET you can deliver common-code to Windows apps with Winform, WPF, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Windows.Store, Windows Phone and Compact Framework; you can open that same chart code in Mono and Xamarin for Mono and reach Android, iOS and Mac OSX, you'll just need to think about the interface variations on the different platforms, TeeChart supports all the event/interactivity variations.

Rad Studio version of TeeChart
Using TeeChart for Firemonkey (FMX) in Embarcadero's RAD Studio you can write common code and compile natively for Windows, Mac OSX and iOS. FireMonkey handles most of the interface variations for you making for very light-work.

TeeChart for Java
Natively extends across Swing and SWT reaching Windows, Linux, Mac OSX and nearly 'you-name-it' platforms and has been extended to the Android and Blackberry mobile platforms. Most of this can be developed out of one single programming IDE such as Eclipse, if required.

TeeChart for HTML5/Javascript
This is the all-terrain format for any environment that includes a browser. The 100% native Javascripted TeeChart will adapt to almost any output device that supports HTML5 canvases.

June 03, 2013