Use TeeChart for .NET to generate Flash Charts via the Adobe Flex compiler. Compact Charts are a great way to show a supporting data as a 'snippet'.

Compact Chart refers to the kind of small 'Chartlet' that might be useful in a column on a bulletin page, perhaps as an accessory to editorial text. We've called them compact but you can make them any size you like!

How does it work? TeeChart may be exported to an Adobe Flex script file (*.mxml) which can then be compiled by Flex's free compiler (mxmlc.exe) to create a *.swf (Flash) file. A comprehensive example of how to achieve this at runtime, including details of how to add animations to the exported chart, can be found in the TeeChart evaluation version's Feature demo under 'Welcome !\New in Canvas\Flash "CompactCharts"'.

December 07, 2009