Introducing TeeChart XAML

We’re excited to introduce you yet another addition to our TeeChart .NET line of products. This time, we’re focusing on comfort and ease of use for programmers. While TeeChart for WinForms presents the programmers with a fully-featured designer, the visual support in other platforms is more lacking. I’m referring to what we call the XAML […]

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TeeBI Web Server returning a summary chart

TeeBI teaser

Small teaser of TeeBI. This is the custom web server calculating a query and returning a chart. The only dependencies are TeeChart and Indy http web server component.   Data is in column-oriented, memory-based custom format for speed reasons, no database or FireDac, etc are necessary. Data is imported from many sources (excel, text files, […]

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Real-time charting with TeeChart for Xamarin.Android

To complete the zooming and panning functionality description in the multi-touch article, I should also speak about one last case which concerns real-time performance. Actually, this is not a zoom/pan style but the lack of it.  It’s the the TChart.Zoom.Style property value not covered on that article, ZoomStyles.None. So, what does ZoomStyles.None consists of exactly?  It disables zooming […]

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