Updated PDF Export in TeeChart .NET

We are pleased to announced a greatly improved PDF Export facility available in all versions of TeeChart .NET from the latest version onward. We’ve re-written our PDF Export facility to use the NuGet libraries PdfSharp (for .NET Framework) and PdfSharpCore (for .NET 5.0 and upwards).

We’ve written a simple test app in .NET 6.0 which you can download from here, along with the output of the three-page, multi-chart option which you can see here. Use of TeeChart’s Export facilities remains quick and easy, with a basic, one-page PDF Export done with the following code:

Multi-chart PDF Export re-uses all the options available to a single-page export by encapsulating them into a simple MultiPDF struct:

We instantiate this struct for each of our pages, and add this instance into a MultiChart list:

And that’s it! High quality renderings of your TCharts in single or multi-page PDF files.


Developer at Steema Software