Steema at Xamarin Evolve 2014

Steema Software has confirmed its presence as an exhibitor at Xamarin Evolve 2014. In this article I’ll explain what Steema Software will be presenting at the conference.

Xamarin  is planning Evolve 2014 as “The world’s largest cross-platform mobile development”. It will be held in Atlanta from Monday 6th October until Friday 10th.

From the Steema team, Josep Lluís Jorge (aka Pep) and Narcís Calvet (yours truly) will attend Evolve 2014. Pep is the man behind the TeeChart for Xamarin.iOS version, while I’m the responsible for the TeeChart for Xamarin.Android version. We expect to arrive at the Atlanta Hyatt Regency, where Xamarin Evolve 2014 is held, on Sunday afternoon so we will be around from then until the end of the conference. On Monday and Tuesday we will probably attend some training sessions. On Tuesday we will also be setting up the Steema Software booth at the exhibitor area. So, from Wednesday until Friday you will be able to find us at the mentioned booth and, if work permits, at some of the conference sessions. We will check out and fly back home on Saturday afternoon so as such, we’ll have been able to spend the entire Evolve 2014 time in Atlanta.

And what will Steema Software present? We will be glad to show and talk with you about any of Steema’s charting products (.NET, VCL/FMX, Java, PHP, HTML5, etc.), especially the Xamarin charting components and also showing a preview of TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms. Hot of the press, just ready for Evolve 2104!

An important part of the Steema team is now working hard to get everything ready for the weekend for us to travel to Atlanta and be able to show you as much as possible. Pep and I are looking forward to see all of you at Evolve and get the most out of it. Please don’t hesitate to drop by the Steema booth or reach us anywhere else during our stay there, we will be happy to speak with you. If you want to arrange a meeting, or for us to prepare something you’d be interested in  or anything else, please drop me an email. We will be glad to help you.

See you at Evolve 2014!

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