High-Performance Powerful TeeChart for Delphi on Windows, macOS

TeeChart is a Charting Components Library that helps to improve developer productivity to create rich and highly qualified charts. Steema Software was founded in 1996 and has been the authoring, distributing and supporting software component libraries for developers, mainly the charting library named TeeChart. Steema’s TeeChart component libraries are used across a wide variety of […]

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TeeBI Web Server returning a summary chart

TeeBI teaser

Small teaser of TeeBI. This is the custom web server calculating a query and returning a chart. The only dependencies are TeeChart and Indy http web server component.   Data is in column-oriented, memory-based custom format for speed reasons, no database or FireDac, etc are necessary. Data is imported from many sources (excel, text files, […]

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Reaching the browser page with TeeChart

How different versions of TeeChart reach the browser page   Recent news that Microsoft are ceasing support for ActiveX with the new navigator, Edge, included with Windows 10, seems to signal the end of mainstream browser support for ActiveX. ActiveX support was one of the flagship functionality elements for Internet Explorer some years ago but security […]

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