TeeChart NETStandard for Xamarin.Forms and MacOS support

Recently we’ve made some changes to make the TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms version NETStandard compatible, that can be tested by downloading it directly via Nuget package or via direct link on our web site.

Today, we want to inform that a new TeeChart for Xamarin.Forms Nuget package has been already published, and that this one comes with support for MacOS platform, meaning that using the Nuget package on your Xamarin.Forms projects, with just one code base, you will be able to deploy your Chart applications to Android, iOS, UWP and now MacOS as well.

As the Xamarin.Forms for MacOS version still in preview (when we published this article), and MacOS project is not created automatically once we choose a new Xamarin.Forms project as template, here I’m going to explain the required steps in order to add the new MacOS project to our project group and also show how the same Chart can be displayed or included into the Project, and example sources.

Basically, you have to follow the steps suggested by Xamarin Team here:


Then you only have to add as reference to the Mac Project, the:

  • TeeChart.PLC assembly
  • TeeChart.PCL.Mac assembly

And also add the line :


At the Main.cs class.

static void Main(string[] args)
  NSApplication.SharedApplication.Delegate = new AppDelegate(); // Added line

XamFormsMacTest Example with sources is available at the Steema Github account.

TeeChart Xamarin.Forms adds support for MacOS