TeeChart SYSSTAT Reader

It’s an app for .NET Core 3.1 WinForm which reads in information from a popular system administrator tool for Linux, and its source code is published on our GitHub here.

The sysadmin tool we’re talking about here is called sysstat, and you can read all about it on its GitHub page here. As you can see, it is an extremely comprehensive tool capable of providing a wide variety of information produced by a running Linux server, and even has the capability of exporting graphs itself.

Here at Steema, however, we thought we could do better than sysstat’s chart exports, and we believe we have. By exporting all of sysstat’s information to csv files, the TeeChart SYSSTAT Reader will generate charts for all the available information in them, and these charts are clear and dynamic. The app comes with some sample data taken from a domestic router, so you don’t need a running Linux machine to see how it works.

We understand that this app has a rather niche audience, but if you have access to a running Linux machine you might just be interested in installing sysstat on it and using the TeeChart SYSSTAT Reader to get a new view on its operability!


Developer at Steema Software

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